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Learn More About The Cargo Van Partitions & Dividers For Sale In Charleston

Your trusty work van is like your sidekick in the daily grind. If you're a service pro, whether you're fixing pipes, dealing with wires, hammering nails, or just generally doing handy stuff, you know that your van is more than just a set of wheels – it's your mobile workshop.

You rely on that van to be your go-to when you're out on the job. It's not just for getting from A to B; it's your rolling office, your workbench, and the guardian of your precious tools and gear. So, here's an idea that can kick your workday up a notch: think about getting a work van partition.

Why Consider A Ranger Van Partition for Your Work Van?

A van partition, also known as a van bulkhead, is like a barrier that separates the front seats from the back of your van. They come in different materials and offer various customization options. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of van partitions, let's talk about why you should think about investing in one for your commercial work van.

A Partition Makes Your Van Safer

Work van partitions step up the safety game for you and your crew when you're out on the road. If you're in the service biz, you know that driving around is a daily routine, and it's got its fair share of risks. Sure, your tools and gear are valuable, but nothing beats the importance of keeping yourself and your team safe.

Imagine hitting the brakes suddenly while cruising down the highway. Without a partition, your tools could turn into flying projectiles, potentially causing harm to the driver and passengers. This is especially dicey if you're transporting sharp, heavy, or hard stuff that can seriously hurt someone.

With a van partition in place, any wayward items would smack into that barrier instead, sparing everyone from harm. And when it comes down to it, a few banged-up tools are always better than a banged-up person.

Partitions Reduce Noise

Here's another perk of having a van partition: a quieter ride. Let's be real, driving a work van can be noisy business. Every bump in the road seems to translate into a cacophony of tools and equipment rattling behind you. The longer you're on the road, the more irritating this can get.

Installing a bulkhead in your work van can turn your ride into a more peaceful and enjoyable experience. It keeps the noise from the back of the van out of your earshot. You'll be less distracted when you're on the move, without the constant clatter of tools playing in the background.

Plus, a partition can even muffle the sounds of your wheels on the road and your engine doing its thing. Sound waves have less room to roam in a confined space. With a van partition, you limit their travel and reduce the noise. Your driving experience will be a whole lot quieter, thanks to your trusty van partition.

A Van Partition Can Save You Money

Here's a money-saving benefit of van partitions: better fuel economy. As a service industry boss, you know that every dollar counts – especially when it comes to shelling out for gas to zip between jobs. Those fuel costs can really add up, especially when you're trekking around to different places. And let's not forget the extra gas burned when you're trying to keep the inside of your van comfy during extreme weather.

Having a van partition shrinks the space that needs climate control throughout the year. That means you'll have more control over the temperature inside your van. Say goodbye to constantly blasting the AC or heater and hello to a comfortable ride much quicker. This will boost your gas mileage, saving you some hard-earned cash all year long.

Charleston Work Vans Has The Ranger Van Partition You Need

When it comes to commercial van partitions, Charleston Work Vans has got you covered. We offer a variety of Ranger Design partitions in different materials to match your specific needs. Let's take a look at some of the partitions we have available:

Aluminum Van Partitions:

If you're aiming for lightweight durability, aluminum partitions are a fantastic choice. They help keep your gas mileage in check while still giving you all the benefits of a partition. Check out our aluminum options:

  • Solid Contoured: These aluminum partitions have a contour in the middle, providing extra room for seat adjustments in the cabin without sacrificing storage space in the back.
  • Contoured with a Window: This option offers the same benefits as the contoured aluminum partition but comes with a window, allowing visibility from the cab into the storage area.
  • Sliding Door: Our sliding door van partitions offer the strength of aluminum with the convenience of a sliding door, providing easy access between the cab and the storage area without disturbing your stored items.

Composite Van Partitions:

  • Solid Contoured: The solid contoured composite van partition offers seat adjustment space in the cabin while benefiting from the advantages of composite material.
  • Contoured with a Window: This partition combines the benefits of solid contoured composite with a window, letting you see your cargo without the noise.
  • Contoured with a MaxView Window: For those who want the strength of composite with a larger window, the MaxView window partition is the ideal choice, offering the largest and most visible window available, exclusively in composite.

Steel Van Partitions:

  • Contoured Solid: Similar to other contoured partitions, this steel version allows seat adjustments in the cabin while keeping the storage area open.
  • Contoured with a Window: Combining the benefits of a steel contoured partition with a convenient window for cargo visibility during transit.
  • Wire Mesh: Wire mesh partitions are available exclusively in steel, offering strength and full visibility through the grate, often at a more budget-friendly price point.
  • Straight: The classic option for dividing your van, straight steel partitions extend from the floor to the ceiling, maximizing storage space.
  • Pass-Thru: This galvanized steel option provides separation while allowing easy access to the cargo area. It's designed in two parts for simple installation and maintenance, with a 5-inch setback for seat adjustment.
  • Swing Door: The swing door steel partitions are versatile and affordable. They provide easy access to the rear of your van and feature a latch for secure closure. This option also includes a section for visibility into the storage area.